Blu-ray Review – Unicorn Wars

The latest film from animator, Alberto Vázquez – entitled Unicorn Wars – is every bit as transgressive and insane as his last animated feature, Birdboy. The film follows several teddy bears who are trainees at a boot camp for bears, where they learn how to hunt and kill their sworn enemies, the unicorns. There’s a […]

4K UHD Review – ‘Martin’

George A. Romero’s underseen masterpiece, Martin, has been given a new life on physical media, courtesy of the incredible folks at Second Sight Films. This 1977 film tells the story of a young man, the titular Martin, who genuinely believes that he is a vampire. His elder cousin is also convinced of this, and he […]

Short Film Review: Dusty

Anthony Leroy and Josh Murphy (or A.J. as they are both credited at the start of the film) directed the short film, Dusty, in 2016. It has become something of a cult item in the realm of indie and no-budget filmmaking – and for good reason. When the film opens, best buddies CJ and T […]

Movie Review: We Are The Flesh

Arrow Films has released Emiliano Rocha Minter’s We Are The Flesh on Blu-ray. In a post-apocalyptic Mexico, a brother and a sister find their way into an abandoned building while looking for shelter. Little do they know that the place that they have found is inhabited by a sadistic hermit, who is in a constant […]