My name is Steven Adam Renkovish, and my passion is writing. I’m also obsessed with the art of film. I’ve been writing film critiques and essays since I began writing for “The Daily Drip” back at Easley High School. Over the years, I have written for several publications, including the Examiner, Suite101, and The Easley Progress.

Film writing is my expertise. My knowledge of film is quite expansive, and I am always seeking new opportunities in the field. Aside from film critiques and essays, I also enjoy writing screenplays. My desire is to continue to grow and to strive for perfection daily. I want to immerse myself in the world of cinema.

Aside from writing, I am also a filmmaker. I have written, directed, and produced several shorts over the years, the most recent of which, A Beautiful Silence, has been included as an official selection in several festivals. I have several other shorts in the works, as well as a feature.