4K UHD Review – ‘Carrie’: Collector’s Edition

Shout Factory knocks it out of the park once again with a beautiful restoration of a timeless horror classic.

Brian De Palma’s Carrie will always hold a special place in my heart. As a bullied youngster with cerebral palsy growing up in the Bible Belt, I often felt the sting of being an outsider. One night, I discovered this film, watching it late one night with my mom and dad – and boy, did it resonate! Carrie is a film that I feel that many can relate to. To some extent, we all know, at one point or another and to varying degrees, what it means to be the “other”. And everyone who has ever felt that way has desired a kind of revenge. Stephen King gave the young and oppressed a voice in Carrie, and De Palma expertly brings King’s tale to the screen.

Sissy Spacek is perfect in the titular role, while Piper Laurie sets the scenery aflame with her horrific portrayal of Carrie’s religion-obsessed mother. The entire cast is incredible, including John Travolta, Amy Irving, Betty Buckley, and Nancy Allen. You get a sense that everyone set out to do this story justice by going all in with their best work. And for a film that was released in 1976, it’s just as relevant today now than it was then.

Shout Factory’s brand new 4K restoration is beautiful. The film has never looked this amazing on home media. This is now the definitive release of this masterpiece. Full of special features and commentaries, this is a set that you’re going to want to own as soon as possible!

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