4K UHD Review – ‘Martin’

George A. Romero’s underseen masterpiece, Martin, has been given a new life on physical media, courtesy of the incredible folks at Second Sight Films.

This 1977 film tells the story of a young man, the titular Martin, who genuinely believes that he is a vampire. His elder cousin is also convinced of this, and he invites Martin to stay with his family for the time being. His attempts to keep Martin out of trouble and away from his granddaughter do not go as planned, and before long, Martin is searching for his next victim of the night.

It all leads to a thrilling climax, as this highly original take on vampire lore never goes where you expect it to.

Second Sight’s restoration is beautiful, using the best source elements available. It is presented in HDR10+, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. There are several special features that are worth checking out, as well!

This is a limited edition, so be sure to grab a copy while you can!

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