Movie Review: We Are The Flesh

Arrow Films has released Emiliano Rocha Minter’s We Are The Flesh on Blu-ray.

In a post-apocalyptic Mexico, a brother and a sister find their way into an abandoned building while looking for shelter. Little do they know that the place that they have found is inhabited by a sadistic hermit, who is in a constant hallucinogenic state. He feeds them, wakes them up early in the morning to do tedious chores, and soon, he is encouraging them to sleep with one another in order to fulfill their most carnal desires.

Once the brother and sister cross that line, We Are The Flesh veers into Gaspar Noe/Alejandro Jodorowsky territory, complete with trippy visuals, explicit sexuality, and graphic violence. It manages to weave a nauseating and hypnotic spell. One could say that the entire film is just shock for the sake of shock – and I wouldn’t argue with you – but there is much to admire here when your gag reflex isn’t being tested. 

Whether or not this warrants repeat viewings is something that each individual viewer will have to decide. Minter has a good eye for such a young filmmaker. I’m looking forward to what he has to offer in the future.

Co-produced by Post Tenebras Lux director, Carlos Reygadas.

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