Short Film Review – Dusty II: Rusty’s Revenge

Anthony Leroy and Josh Murphy are at it again with the sequel to their infamous 2016 short film, Dusty.

J.C. and Coffey – identical twin brothers of the departed C.J. and T from the first film – set off on a mission with Dusty’s identical twin, Rusty, to bring the demonic axe murderer, The Patriarch, to justice. Along the way, they meet up with Ernie’s brother – a goofball with a talent for splitting wood (and sides!) – and he tags along with them.

When the finally make their way to the Patriarch’s lair, they are set off into a world of bloody mayhem and mysterious portals, as they attempt – with various degrees of success – to take control of their fate.

The second installment of a possible trilogy, Dusty II: Rusty’s Revenge ups the ante in a myriad of ways, from production values to the inventiveness of the screenplay itself. Leroy and Murphy let their imaginations go wild, frequently demolishing the fourth wall just for the hell of it. Shot in glorious 4K on the Panasonic GH5, the cinematography by Josh Murphy and Brandon Donnelly really shines. The synth score from Cristian Bergagna compliments the mood of the piece and ultimately heightens the entire experience.

All of the performers here (Anthony Leroy, Matt Conway, Tyson Burger, Willie Dupuis, and Josh Murphy) go above and beyond with hilarious results, especially Ian Coventry who really stands out as Bernie.

All in all, Dusty II is a treat for fans of the original short, and will no doubt develop a cult following as well. Anthony Leroy and Josh Murphy remain “the ones to watch”. Great things are on the horizon for these two. Highly recommended.

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