Short Film Review: Dusty

Anthony Leroy and Josh Murphy (or A.J. as they are both credited at the start of the film) directed the short film, Dusty, in 2016. It has become something of a cult item in the realm of indie and no-budget filmmaking – and for good reason. When the film opens, best buddies CJ and T […]

Blu-ray Review: Kinetta

Yorgos Lanthimos’ first solo directorial debut, Kinetta, has finally arrived on Blu-ray, courtesy of Kino Lorber. While we can definitely see shades of the genius to come in his subsequent films here, Lanthimos completely alienated me with Kinetta. Basically, three strangers at a seaside resort who share mutual quirks and disturbing obsessions form a kind […]

Blu-ray Review – The Last Warning

Flicker Alley has brought the long-lost 1928 silent classic, The Last Warning, to Blu-ray! The film opens during a theatrical production, during which one of the main actors dies inexplicably and disappears. Years later, the cast returns to the theatre to appear in a revival of the same production – an awkward reunion that has […]

Blu-ray Review: WE

Artsploitation will release Rene Eller’s controversial drama, We, on Blu-ray in three weeks. We focuses on a group of eight bored teenagers in a Belgium-Dutch town who suddenly decide to make a little extra cash by starting a brothel, as well as filming amateur porn films. They have a great time in their own little […]

Blu-ray Review: This Magnificent Cake!

Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef’s medium-length stop motion animated film, This Magnificent Cake! has arrived to Blu-ray via Kino Lorber and GKIDS. The film takes place in colonial Africa in the 19th century, and it unfolds in five different segments. Each segment deals with specific characters who are driven by wealth and greed. […]

Thoughts on ‘Fat Girl’

Catherine Breillat‘s 2001 film, Fat Girl, is, above all things, a mood piece. A brutal tale of sexual awakening, with a sense of dread that hangs onto every scene, leading to that powerful and complicated ending. It’s in the way that Breillat places subtle ominous tones into the sound mix. It’s in the haunting songs […]