Blu-ray Review: Aviva

Boaz Yakin’s wonderful experimental film, Aviva, has now arrived on Blu-ray – courtesy of Strand Releasing.

What we have here is something quite different and exciting, indeed. A story of two lovers from different parts of the world – Aviva and Eden – who, during the course of this magnificent film, form a bond that will shape the two of them in ways that they never expected.

The key to this tale is in the representation of the main characters, by way of gender fluidity. They both have male and female counterparts, and both the male and female sides are constantly at war with one another. This leads to some pretty intense confrontations in the film that will make the audience incredibly uncomfortable, but one of the many strengths of Aviva is that raw nature that courses through every frame.

Every single actor in this film is committed to his or her role. Dancers were cast in the lead roles instead of professional actors, and aside from an awkward line reading or two, they do the best that they possibly can with the ambitious material that they have been given. The musical and dance sequences are breathtaking and full of beauty and unexpected humor. The graphic nature of the sex scenes alone would have many seasoned actors running for the hills. These particular scenes, of which there are many, are integral to the experience of Aviva. This is not a film for prudes. It is a gift for the adventurous among us, and one of the very best of 2020.

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