Blu-ray Review: Sweet Liberty

Kino Lorber has released Alan Alda’s 1986 comedy, Sweet Liberty, on Blu-ray.

Sweet Liberty tells the tale of a college professor, Michael (Alan Alda) who finds that his book on the American Revolution is about to become a movie that will be shot in his hometown. Much to his dismay, he finds that the director of the film wants to turn his beloved book into a historically inaccurate sex romp.

As Michael argues non-stop with the director, he also finds himself strangely drawn to the beautiful lead actress (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the constantly horny and mischievous actor in the lead role (a hilarious Michael Caine).

Sweet Liberty is a film that doesn’t get enough love. I remember seeing it for the first time, years ago, on Bravo. I watched it several times during its run on that channel, and I have never forgotten it. The fact that Kino has released this Blu-ray will mean that many more will be able to discover what is surely one of the finest comedies of the eighties. There is much to love here, especially Bob Hoskins in a memorable supporting role, as well as Lilian Gish, who plays Michael’s quirky mother.

Kino’s Blu-ray contains an audio commentary from Daniel Kremer and Nat Segaloff. Also included is the theatrical trailer.

If you are a fan of Alan Alda’s brand of comedy, be sure to pick this one up. It’s quite special.

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