Blu-ray Review – Spring Night, Summer Night

Flicker Alley and Nicolas Winding Refn have joined forces to bring the underseen gem, Spring Night, Summer Night, to glorious life on Blu-ray. Directed by J.L. Anderson, Spring Night, Summer Night could be summed up in this way: If Cassavetes directed an existential cinema verite hillbilly melodrama written by VC Andrews, it’d look and sound […]

The Films of Henry Jaglom: Venice/Venice

“In life, the borderline between fiction and reality is blurred.” Henry Jaglom’s Venice/Venice opens, as many of his films often do, with several diverse women talking straight into the camera. They speak candidly about the movies, the great love stories of cinema, and how many of those films shaped their perceptions of reality. Within each […]

Interview with Actress Tanna Frederick

I had a wonderful chat with actress Tanna Frederick, all around wonderful human being and muse of legendary independent film director, Henry Jaglom. We discussed our mutual appreciation (obsession, maybe?) with Henry’s work, and I asked her the following questions about her experiences with Henry, as well as her upcoming projects. Ladies and gentlemen, meet […]