Blu-ray Review – Man on the Moon

Milos Forman’s 1999 biopic, Man on the Moon, has finally been given a much deserved Blu-ray release by Kino-Lorber. 1999 was an excellent year for film. Eyes Wide Shut, American Beauty, Magnolia, and The Virgin Suicides all came out that year, and every single one of those are remembered fondly, more or less. However, a […]

Blu-ray Review – Catherine Breillat’s ‘Romance’

Catherine Breillat’s controversial 1999 erotic drama, Romance, has finally been given a Blu-ray release, courtesy of Strand Releasing. Romance focuses on an elementary school teacher named Marie (played by Caroline Ducey), who is in an unhappy relationship with her longtime model boyfriend, Paul (Sagamore Stévenin). For what seems like an eternity to Marie, Paul has […]

Blu-ray Review – Mr. Majestyk

Richard Fleischer’s 1974 film, Mr. Majestyk, has finally arrived on Blu-ray, courtesy of Kino Lorber. I have the fondest memories of watching this film with my grandfather. He recorded it on an old VHS tape, and we’d watch it from time to time. Starring Charles Bronson in the titular role, the film concerns a war […]

Movie Review: The Strings

When I saw that The Strings was produced by the same beautiful soul that brought us the two masterpieces, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House and The Blackcoat’s Daughter, it immediately jumped to the top of my queue. I was not disappointed in the slightest. This is the kind of EXTREMELY […]

The Final Countdown 4K Review

The Don Taylor science fiction film, The Final Countdown, has finally arrived on 4K UHD courtesy of Blue Underground – and the film has never looked or sounded better. Everyone’s favorite film about a time-traveling aircraft carrier has lost none of its goofy charm over the years. The stars include Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katherine […]

Blu-ray Review: Test Pattern

An interracial couple face challenges after a woman is drugged and raped at a club in this searing drama, presented on Blu-ray by Kino and directed by Shatara Michelle Ford. Test Pattern is one of the most uncomfortable and honest film experiences in a long time, not just because what it’s about, but precisely “how” […]