‘Sylvia Kristel 1970s Collection’ Arrives On Blu-ray

Cult Epics has released a set of Sylvia Kristel features, including four films starring the renowned actress.

It is clear from the care that was put into this particular project that this was a labor of love for the good folks at Cult Epics. Over the years, this distributor has provided cinephiles with meticulously crafted physical releases of independent, foreign, and obscure films. Looking at this release, everything from the transfers down to the packaging has been carefully executed down to the smallest details.

The films – Playing with Fire, Pastorale 1943, Mysteries, and Julia – have never looked better. The transfers are clean – beautiful, in fact – and the sound is crisp. Fans of Sylvia Kristel and these particular films will not be disappointed to witness how carefully these minor classics have been restored.

This set has it all – surreal comedy, drama, psychological thrills, and romance – all featuring the lovely Sylvia Kristel, an actress who deserves to be recognized for more than the Emmanuelle series.

Fans should definitely purchase this limited edition set as soon as possible. One of the best releases of the year.

This set includes a booklet and a poster.

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