Blu-ray Review – Unicorn Wars

The latest film from animator, Alberto Vázquez – entitled Unicorn Wars – is every bit as transgressive and insane as his last animated feature, Birdboy. The film follows several teddy bears who are trainees at a boot camp for bears, where they learn how to hunt and kill their sworn enemies, the unicorns. There’s a […]

Review: La Grande Bouffe

Arrow Films has released the controversial 1973 French film, La Grande Bouffe, in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. La Grande Bouffe focuses on four well to do men who have serious problems at home, most of them involving sex. Ugo is a professional chef who seems discontent with his wife. Marcello is suffering from erectile dysfunction. […]

Review: Heavy Traffic

Ralph Bakshi was one of the most influential and original voices in animation in the sixties and seventies, and most of his films have gone on to develop large cult followings. Often blending live action with crude animation, the majority of his films were largely controversial, often earning X ratings from the MPAA. The semi-autobiographical […]