Blu-ray Review – Man on the Moon

Milos Forman’s 1999 biopic, Man on the Moon, has finally been given a much deserved Blu-ray release by Kino-Lorber.

1999 was an excellent year for film. Eyes Wide Shut, American Beauty, Magnolia, and The Virgin Suicides all came out that year, and every single one of those are remembered fondly, more or less. However, a film that almost never gets mentioned from that time is Man on the Moon, which, in my opinion, deserves every bit of praise as the other films previously mentioned.

Man on the Moon is anchored by Jim Carrey, who doesn’t so much “portray” Andy Kaufman as he becomes him. The film cycles through nearly every phase of Andy’s career, and throughout it all, we get a deeper sense of who this complicated man really was. Courtney Love portrays Andy Kaufman’s wife, while others who featured prominently in Kaufman’s life are also present.

It’s a love letter to a comedic genius, scored beautifully by REM, who penned two original songs for the film. Ultimately, Carrey walked away without an Oscar, but won the Golden Globe for best actor that year. Even today, as mentioned before, it is still a film that doesn’t nearly get the amount of attention that it deserves. Those who have seen it know that it is a gem, and it’s comforting to know that it has found a home by way of this beautiful Blu-ray edition.

The Blu-ray has many special features on the making of the film. This Blu-ray is also sourced from a new transfer that looks immaculate. If you are a fan of the film, this is more than worth an upgrade from the ancient DVD.

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