Shout Factory Presents ‘Candyman’

The good folks at Shout Factory have finally given us a beautiful special edition of Bernard Rose’s iconic 1992 film, Candyman, on a 4K/Blu-ray set.

When graduate student, Helen Lyle (a fantastic Virginia Madsen), goes to Cabrini-Green to conduct research on the urban legend surrounding an entity named “Candyman” (played by a pitch perfect Tony Todd), she gets much more than she bargained for. Soon, an evil force is following and tormenting her, placing her at the scene of crimes which she did not commit. As her life begins to unravel, she realizes that she may have to surrender to the will of the Candyman in order to survive.

Bernard Rose’s Candyman arrived in 1992, and it became an instant classic right out of the gate, joining horror and pointed social commentary together in unforgettable and nightmarish ways. Full of iconic imagery, such as a swarm of bees pouring from the titular entity’s mouth and the fiery climax, Candyman is an experience that is not easily shaken. We’re still talking about it after all of these years. It may be just as relevant today as it ever was. This is a tale of injustice, poverty, sadness, and revenge. The horrors that it presents have a basis in reality that cannot be ignored. Aside from being a top-notch exercise in suspense and terror, Candyman has a great deal to teach us, as it shoves uncomfortable truths down our throats for the duration of its runtime.

This 4K package from Shout Factory is outstanding. The picture has never looked better than it does here. The sound mix is also immersive, with great attention being paid to Philip Glass’ score. If you are a fan of the film, you must own this release. It comes highly recommended. This masterpiece finally has the restoration that it deserves.

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