Shout Factory Presents ‘Candyman’

The good folks at Shout Factory have finally given us a beautiful special edition of Bernard Rose’s iconic 1992 film, Candyman, on a 4K/Blu-ray set. When graduate student, Helen Lyle (a fantastic Virginia Madsen), goes to Cabrini-Green to conduct research on the urban legend surrounding an entity named “Candyman” (played by a pitch perfect Tony […]

Shout Factory presents Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero have created a small masterpiece with Birdboy: The Forgotten Children. This tiny little wonder takes place in a post-apocolyptic universe, populated with adorable, angsty, world-weary, and drug-addled animals. In this world where hope seems lost, salvation seems possible for teenager, Dinky, and her rag-tag group of friends who are all […]

Blu-ray Review: THE BEAR

Shout Factory’s anniversary Blu-ray of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s 1988 masterpiece, The Bear, should have a place in your collection. I’m serious. The Bear is a brilliant work of art, a film that you watch while pondering all of the craft and skill that went in to the making of it. The Bear tells the story of a bear […]

New Releases from Shout Factory

Shout Factory has released some incredible Blu-rays over the past few months. Listed below are some of the best, and all are must-own collectibles for serious film lovers! Poltergeist II and III: The two sequels to the 1982 classic have finally arrived on Blu-ray, and are jam-packed with special features that are sure to please […]

Review: Heavy Traffic

Ralph Bakshi was one of the most influential and original voices in animation in the sixties and seventies, and most of his films have gone on to develop large cult followings. Often blending live action with crude animation, the majority of his films were largely controversial, often earning X ratings from the MPAA. The semi-autobiographical […]

Shout Factory presents: BASKIN

Shout Factory has finally released director Can Evrenol’s film, Baskin, on a Blu-ray combo collector’s edition. The Turkish horror film, Baskin, is shrouded in dream logic from the very opening scenes, in which a young boy named Arda experiences a terrifying nightmare. When we skip forward years later, Arda is a grown man, and one […]

Shout Factory presents: Manhunter

Shout Factory has finally released Michael Mann’s Manhunter in a pristine collector’s edition Blu-ray set. Several years before Anthony Hopkin’s would appear in his iconic role as Hannibal Lector in Jonathan Demme’s masterpiece, The Silence of the Lambs, Michael Mann would adapt Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, casting Brian Cox as everyone’s favorite cannibal. William Peterson […]