New Releases from Shout Factory

Shout Factory has released some incredible Blu-rays over the past few months. Listed below are some of the best, and all are must-own collectibles for serious film lovers!

  1. Poltergeist II and III: The two sequels to the 1982 classic have finally arrived on Blu-ray, and are jam-packed with special features that are sure to please fans of this particular franchise.
  2. Raising Cain: The criminally underrated Brian DePalma film gets an overdue face-lift from Shout Factory, which includes an extended alternate cut of the film, approved by the director himself.
  3. The Exorcist III: William Peter Blatty’s incredibly disturbing 1990 horror film is considered by many to the the true sequel to the William Friedkin classic. Performances from George C. Scott and Brad Dourif make it a must see. Contains two different cuts of the film, and some incredible new artwork on the Blu-ray slipcover!
  4. Dreamscape: The ultimate cult classic from 1984 gets the Blu-ray treatment from the good folks at Shout Factory, and is the perfect way to view the film, especially if you’ve never seen it before.
  5. Lady in White: This beautiful ghost story from 1988 finally gets the release that it deserves, featuring both the director’s cut and the theatrical cut of the film. It is the perfect film to watch on or around Halloween, and simply should not be missed.

Shout Factory never fails to disappoint, and they continue to impress with these five releases. They can be purchased on, or if you prefer, the Shout Factory website.

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