Review: The Vessel

Julio Quintana’s feature film, The Vessel, has finally been released on Blu-ray via Strand Releasing.

When a small village is torn apart by an unthinkable tragedy, all hope seems lost. The local priest (Martin Sheen, in a beautifully understated role) does what he can to restore the faith of the locals, but the pain is so deep within the community, that such a thing could very well be impossible.

That is, until a miracle occurs. One night, two young men go for a bit of drunken night swimming – a moment of recklessness results in their untimely death. Only the next day, one of them is literally resurrected, springing back to life, and sending shock waves throughout the town.

By way of this unexplainable occurrence, people who have been caught in a web of guilt and suffering are shown grace and redemption in a myriad of ways.

Produced by Terrence Malick, The Vessel adopts a lyrical tone that has become a trademark of Malick’s most recent work, yet is in many ways a far more accessible piece to audiences than say Knight of Cups or To the Wonder. Quintana wears his influences on his sleeve, but manages to add his own voice here, offering an all-too-rare and unique experience – a film that approaches the subject of faith without the proselytizing.

A powerful must-see.


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