Blu-ray Review – The Last Warning

Flicker Alley has brought the long-lost 1928 silent classic, The Last Warning, to Blu-ray!

The film opens during a theatrical production, during which one of the main actors dies inexplicably and disappears. Years later, the cast returns to the theatre to appear in a revival of the same production – an awkward reunion that has been orchestrated by a mysterious producer.

Over the course of the evening, many strange and frightening happenings occur, paving the way for a creepy and frequently hilarious “whodunit”.

As with all of their releases, Flicker Alley has delivered this film in a downright beautiful 4K restoration, preserving it for new generations to come.

Special Features include:

  • Paul Leni and The Last Warning  A visual essay by film historian and author, John Soister on Leni’s final film.
  • “Of Gods and Monsters” – An essay excerpt from the book of the same name by historian John Soister.
  • “Notes On the New Score” – A short essay by composer Arthur Barrow on his new score for The Last Warning.
  • Rare Image Gallery – A slide show presentation of vintage marketing materials and production stills.

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