Blu-ray Review: WE

Artsploitation will release Rene Eller’s controversial drama, We, on Blu-ray in three weeks.

We focuses on a group of eight bored teenagers in a Belgium-Dutch town who suddenly decide to make a little extra cash by starting a brothel, as well as filming amateur porn films. They have a great time in their own little bubble of hedonism, before things start to get really ugly – and one of the girls in the group ends up dead. It’s all a downward spiral from there on out, and the film is divided into four parts, as four of the kids give their testimony in court. Each testimony offers a different perspective of the horrific events.

At first glance, the film seems like yet another “stupid teens making horrible life choices” piece of shock cinema, like Larry Clark’s Kids and Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen before it. It doesn’t take long for the been there-done that nature of the film to wear off, and by the time We ends, it has definitely left its own mark in this particular sub-genre. The Blu-ray that Artsploitation has provided is the uncut version of the film – and this is truly the only appropriate way to view the film. There are a few brief glimpses of unsimulated sex, but within the context of the film – especially the scene that follows the porn shoot – these moments feel necessary and are not gratuitous. Granted, this will keep many viewers away – and perhaps, it should. This is not a film that is meant for sensitive viewers. But for those willing to go there, you will not come away unrewarded – even if the reward in question is a proper gut-punch and a sobering dose of reality.

We is presented in Dutch, with English subtitles.

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