Flicker Alley Releases ‘Méliès: Fairy Tales in Color’

Flicker Alley, God bless them, have preserved hundreds of silent film treasures over the years. One of my most prized possessions is their beautiful restoration of A Trip to the Moon, George Méliès’ unforgettable masterpiece.

And now, they have given us a collection of Fairy Tales, each one of them directed by Méliès, and each one of them a psychedelic and otherworldly peek into the mind of one of the great masters of cinema. There is no experience quite like that of a Méliès film, each having its own unique aesthetic from a true auteur, and Flicker Alley has made it possible to add these films to your library – and if you are a true cinephile, that’s exactly where they belong.

The films included are as follows:

The Pillar of Fire (LA DANSE DU FEU, 1899, 1 min)

Joan of Arc (JEANNE D’ARC, 1900, 11 min) + narration

A Trip to the Moon (LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE, 1902, 15 min) + narration

Robinson Crusoe (LES AVENTURES DE ROBINSON CRUSOE, 1902, 12 min) + narration

The Kingdom of Fairies (LE ROYAUME DES FÉES, 1903, 17 min) + narration

The Infernal Cauldron (LE CHAUDRON INFERNAL, 1903, 2 min)

The Impossible Voyage (VOYAGE À TRAVERS L’IMPOSSIBLE, 1904, 21 min) + narration

Rip’s Dream (LA LÉGENDE DE RIP VAN WINCKLE, 1905, 15 min) + narration

The Inventor Crazybrain and His Wonderful Airship (LE DIRIGEABLE FANTASTIQUE, 1905, 3 min)

The Merry Frolics of Satan (LES QUAT’CENTS FARCES DU DIABLE, 1906, 22 min) + narration

The Witch (LA FÉE CARABOSSE ou LE POIGNARD FATAL, 1906, 13 min)

The Diabolic Tenant (UN LOCATAIRE DIABOLIQUE, 1906, 8 min)

Whimsical Illusions (LES ILLUSIONS FANTAISISTES, 1909, 5 min)

Each of these films are hand-colored and restored in meticulous detail. There are some bonus features as well, including narration tracks and a souvenir booklet.

This set comes HIGHLY recommended.


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