‘The Forgotten Colours of Dreams’ Is An Analog Wonder

Johnny Clyde’s The Forgotten Colours of Dreams is an analog wonder – an endlessly profound and uncompromising meditation on god, existence, death, and everything in between. The entire film takes place within a perfect circle in the center of the screen, and our focus is limited purposefully to the people and images within that small space. It’s an inspired aesthetic decision that forces the emotion of the piece to break through in a way that’s in your face and incredibly personal.

As we follow each of these characters, some whose lives have met lonely and tragic ends, we are forced to ponder uncomfortable truths about the afterlife, whether there is such a thing, and if there is, the indescribable beauty that lies in wait. What is God? Where is God? Was He ever there to begin with, or has He been there all along?

As Death (played by the immensely talented actress, Nina Viola) attempts to lead these characters into the next phase of existence – or non-existence – we are invited to witness some of the most unforgettable images that I have seen all year long. Shot on VHS, this is a wholly unique experience – a true original. The poetry within is heart shattering and life affirming. It is a film that will definitely benefit from repeated viewings.

This bilingual, epic tapestry of unrestricted feeling and passion is a labor of love from its creator. It is a handmade gem that deserves your attention. See it at once.

Johnny Clyde is one to watch.

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