Blu-ray Review – The Changeling

Peter Medak’s The Changeling is now available on a beautiful Blu-ray set from Second Sight.

I remember the first time that I ever watched The Changeling. I was over at my friend’s house. Her mother cooked dinner for us, and we all gathered around to watch the VHS of this 1980 horror classic. I sat in awe of it from the moment it had begun until the unforgettable ending. This story of a grieving music professor – played to perfection by George C. Scott – and his encounter with the ghost of a small, crippled boy in a dark and mysterious house left quite an impression on me. It terrified me. It moved me. It has stayed with me for all of these years, losing none of its power.

I’ve only given the bare minimum of the plot here. Many people have seen it, but just as many have not, and I do not want to spoil. But I will tell you that it is a masterpiece, that it has one of the best seance scenes ever filmed, and that the score is absolutely gorgeous. This film has inspired many great films, from The Others to The Orphanage, but The Changeling remains the quintessential haunted house film – if not for all time, then at the very least, the eighties.

This set is a beauty. It comes with a sturdy slipcover, featuring new artwork for the film. It contains a 4K remaster of the film, a CD of the soundtrack, an informative booklet, and a poster. Added to that, it is positively loaded with special features, including a documentary on the making of the film. This is a limited, region-free edition. Make sure that you get one, because they will surely disappear fast!

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