Blu-ray Review – Misery

The good folks at Shout Factory have finally released Rob Reiner’s Misery on Blu-ray.

When best-selling author, Paul Sheldon, nearly dies in a horrific car accident, salvation arrives in the form of his self-proclaimed “number one fan”, a nurse named Annie Wilkes. As she nurses him back to health, the bed-ridden Paul comes to realize that Annie is more than just a fan – she is obsessed with Paul and his literary output to a terrifying degree. 

Soon, Paul will have to fight for his life and his sanity in Rob Reiner’s deliciously nasty little thriller. It won Kathy Bates the Oscar for her pitch-perfect portrayal as Annie, and reminded everyone else what a powerful actor we all have in James Caan, who takes on the role of Paul, giving it everything he’s got – and then some. Reiner’s direction of William Goldman’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is strong and confident, while Marc Shaiman’s memorable and tense score is unforgettable.

Shout Factory releases Misery in a special edition that includes a 4K remaster of the film, as well as several special features which will please fans of the film. 

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