Blu-ray Review: Nutcracker – The Motion Picture

Carroll Ballard’s 1986 film, Nutcracker: The Motion Picture, has finally arrived on Blu-ray, courtesy of Olive Films.

Carroll Ballard’s gorgeous adaptation of the Tchaikovsky ballet utilizes enormous sets and costumes – designed by Maurice Sendak – and the talents of the Pacific Northwest Ballet to create a wholly unique holiday experience.

Never before has the story of the Nutcracker Prince been captured on film as successfully as it has been here. The dreamy voiceover narration, coupled with the timeless music and surreal imagery from Sendak, cast a spell that remains unforgettable after all of these years. This is the ultimate film adaptation of this material, and it should be sought out by fans as soon as possible. A welcome treat for the holidays.

No special features have been included in this release, but the fact that this is now on Blu-ray – with a gorgeous 1080p transfer – warrants a purchase in and of itself.


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