Blu-ray Review: Maurice


Cohen Film Collection has released James Ivory’s 1987 film, Maurice, to Blu-ray.

Maurice is a beautiful coming of age tale that concerns a young man named Maurice Hall (James Wilby), who is forced to come to terms with his sexuality after he falls in love with a man named Clive – played by Hugh Grant – at Cambridge.

The film takes place in 1909, when homosexuality was punishable by imprisonment.

Maurice will face many obstacles before finding a love that he can call his own, leading to an unforgettable ending.

Maurice was released in 1987, and was still way ahead of its time, due to the frankness of the subject matter. Even so, the film remains powerful and unrelenting – a love story that has earned its place as a landmark of queer cinema.

The Blu-ray contains a 4K restoration of the film, as well as several special features – including interviews and an audio commentary with the director.


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