Blu-ray Review: Bambi

Disney has finally released Bambi on Blu-ray, and it’s nothing short of a triumph.

When I was a kid, Bambi was re-released on VHS. I saw it and was subsequently traumatized by the experience. The tale of a young deer who loses his mother by the hands of an evil hunter, only to become the king of the forest as an adult – well, it struck a chord with me, as it did with many others my age and beyond.

The good folks at Disney have finally released the film on Blu-ray, and the results are marvelous. The film has never looked or sounded better than it does here. This is the perfect way to introduce a new audience to the film. If you are already a fan of the film, you’ll want to rush out and snag this Blu-ray before they throw it back in the dreaded Disney Vault again.

Aside from the immaculate presentation, special features are plentiful, giving much insight into the making of this animated classic.



© Written by Steven Adam Renkovish, ReelRenkovish 

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