Short Film Review: XO

Non Films and director, Ratigan, presents the experimental film, XO.

As the film begins, a young woman opens her eyes to behold the hustle and bustle of an increasingly busy, and possibly decaying, metropolis. She wanders the streets, quietly observing, her face full of longing, hoping for some sort of release.

By the time we reach the end of this three and a half minute film, we will have seen beauty break through all of the madness in one of the most effective and powerful pieces of cinema that I have seen in quite some time.

Shot on Super 8mm film which gives the film a unique aesthetic, XO forces you to look for the wonder and beauty – both inside and outside – all of the chaos of this ever-changing world.

Expertly directed by Ratigan, complimented by a gorgeous score from Balcony View, and featuring a fantastic and ethereal performance from actress, Ester Song, XO is a small gem of handmade cinema that should not be missed.

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