Review: Keyhole

Keyhole is a wonder of a film from Guy Maddin – a gleefully psychedelic head trip that tells the tale of a man named Ulysses, who comes home one night after attempting to rescue a young woman from drowning.

He walks into the house, carrying her over his shoulder. She’s still alive – barely so – but we will soon find out that no one in this house is truly alive. Ulysses, a mob boss of some sort, has returned to a haunted abode – and there are many ghosts in this house, consisting mostly of gangsters and mistresses from Ulysses’ past. However, out of all of the spirits that remain in this house, the discontent spirits of his wife and his father-in-law (that latter of which who is stark naked and chained to a bed post) are the ones that he is most concerned with.

Each room in the house holds a secret or a vision from the past that reminds our protagonist of his former life, and as he journeys through hallways and secret corridors, he will confront all of this and more in a film that is full of surprises.

This is a film noir haunted house tale, with Jason Patric in the lead role. The tone shifts constantly from horrific to hilarious, to downright bonkers. Shot digitally in black and white, Keyhole is a haunting and beautiful tapestry of sound and image – a film that you’ll never forget.

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