Blu-ray Review: This Magnificent Cake!

Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef’s medium-length stop motion animated film, This Magnificent Cake! has arrived to Blu-ray via Kino Lorber and GKIDS.

The film takes place in colonial Africa in the 19th century, and it unfolds in five different segments. Each segment deals with specific characters who are driven by wealth and greed. Their attempts to exploit the Africans in the community are met with grisly results, and in turn, their sins not only affect them but the people around them. The individual journeys of the characters interweave throughout the film in uncanny and disturbing ways.

This is a beautiful and unsettling film – one of the best of its kind. The characters and props are fashioned out of felted wool, lending a breathtakingly unique aesthetic to the presentation. This Magnificent Cake! is far more suited to mature audiences rather than children. There are some shocking scenes here. If you do choose to view the film, you will be greatly rewarded.

Special features include a behind-the-scenes gallery, an interview with one of the directors, and two short films.

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