Film Review: L’Ange

Patrick Bokonowski’s 1982 experimental feature, L’Ange (The Angel), has been released by Re:Voir as part of a beautiful Blu-ray/DVD combo package.

L’Ange is so many things that they can’t all possibly be listed here, but it is mainly a study on the mundanity of life, of routine, and the unexplained ethereal forces that break through our ordinary existence by way of light, beauty, and terror.

Or something like that. At the very least, that’s how I read it.

L’Ange is quite the experience – a maddening, frustrating, sometimes annoying, but always beautiful and profound piece by a filmmaker that I had not heard of until recently. There were times that I was afraid, actually. The images on the screen are not ones that you will soon forget. I’m looking forward to watching it again. And again. And again. This is a film that deserves to be studied and pondered upon, that requires multiple viewings.

The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is available from Re:Voir.

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