Flicker Alley Releases ‘Der Hund Von Baskerville’

It was thought lost for quite some time, but the good folks at Flicker Alley have restored and released Richard Oswald’s 1929 silent film adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Rich in atmosphere, with beautiful performances from Carlyle Blackwell, Sr and George Serov as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, this is an absolute treasure. The film elements have been meticulously cleaned and restored from an original 35mm print. The look of the film is absolutely gorgeous, showing its age, but wearing it well. The tattered look of the print only adds to the aesthetic of the film, most of which is drenched in light and fog. The ensemble score by Guenter Buchwald, Frank Bokius, and Sascha Jacobsen brings Der Hund Von Baskerville to life from the moment it begins.

There is much to be admired by film enthusiasts. Bonus materials include an earlier version of the film, also directed by Richard Oslwald in 1914, two short films on the making of and restoration of the film, and an illustrated booklet.

This is a Blu-ray/DVD combo, and it comes highly recommended.

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