Review: In a Glass Cage

Agusti Villaronga’s 1987 debut feature, In a Glass Cage, is perhaps the coldest film that I have ever seen. From its icy blue color palette to the way in which it unflinchingly depicts the depravity of its tortured characters, this is a film that makes any selection from Michael Haneke’s filmography look like a leisurely […]

Review: Jan Svankmajer’s Alice

A young girl sits next to her older sister in front of a creek, casually tossing stones into the bubbling waters out of boredom. Her sister quickly grows tired of this, and slaps her on the hand. She angrily stares dead on at the audience. This young lady is Alice. This is Lewis Carroll’s beloved […]

Review: Goodnight Mommy

When their mother arrives home after reconstructive surgery, twins Elias and Lukas immediately notice that something is not quite right. With her face completely wrapped in bandages, their mother has become short-tempered and emotionally distant. Soon, the boys begin to suspect that the woman behind the bandages may not be their mother at all, but […]

Review: Bad Education

Bad Education (or La Mala Educación) is Almodovar’s masterpiece. It is also one of his most personal films, because elements within the film are autobiographical in nature. This film is told in a noirish fragmented narrative structure that will demand your attention throughout. When Enrique and Ignacio fall in love with one another at a […]