Hansel and Gretel: An Appalachian Version

Back in the seventies, filmmaker Tom Davenport had a vision of re-telling modern day versions of fairy tales in an Appalachian setting. The first entry of this series, entitled “From the Brothers Grimm”, was Hansel and Gretel: An Appalachian Version. It was filmed on a budget of $10,000 in Virginia, and released in 1975. This […]

Review: Heavy Traffic

Ralph Bakshi was one of the most influential and original voices in animation in the sixties and seventies, and most of his films have gone on to develop large cult followings. Often blending live action with crude animation, the majority of his films were largely controversial, often earning X ratings from the MPAA. The semi-autobiographical […]

Trick ‘r Treat: A Halloween Classic

In October of 2007, a film was briefly marketed and then abruptly shelved by Warner Brothers. The film in question was Michael Dougherty’s fantastic directorial debut, Trick ‘r Treat, and the theatrical trailer looked promising. I personally remember seeing the trailer in theatres. I immediately wanted to see it, and I wasn’t alone in that. […]

Review: Nymphomaniac

On the Theatrical Cut Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac is a film of extraordinary power. This is quite possibly the director’s best film since Dogville, and like that film, this is an experience that requires patience and an open mind. With that being said, Nymphomaniac is not the sex-fest that the clever marketing campaign would have […]